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"From Prosopography to Social Network Analysis" (Günhan Börekçi, April 13, 2021, Online)

Prosopografiden Sosyal Ağ Analizine (Günhan Börekçi, 13 Nisan 2021)

With analyzes of social networks, which historian Günhan Börekçi, visiting professor at the Central European University, applies to prosopographic data, he makes the connections within the Ottoman ruling elites clear. At the invitation of the Institute for Research on the Habsburg Monarchy and the Balkans of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, he reports on it in the online lecture “From Prosopography to Social Network Analysis: Towards a First Systematic Study of the Ethnic-Regional Solidarity among the Ottoman Ruling Elite in the 16th-17th Centuries ” in the series Balkan Research at the ÖAW.

For the conference link and more detail please click here.


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