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Digital Humanities Academy Map



Introduction to Digital Humanities

This workshop focuses on the potentials and new approaches of digital humanities, which are increasingly influential in almost every field of humanities and offer new and effective methods and questions for research. In the workshop, the relationship of digital humanities with different disciplines/themes, and its development and current situation, as well as applications and tools will be discussed.

ARCGIS Workshop

This is an introductory training workshop where participants can learn the concept of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), map creation methods and spatial analysis. As part of the workshop, the participants will learn how to create, store, visualize, organize and analyze data.


Transkribus Workshop

TRANSKRIBUS is an artificial intelligence-based platform for text recognition, transcription, and the coding of historical documents. The workshop will discuss the potentials and limitations of building a Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) model for Ottoman Turkish, as well as hands-on applications on the TRANSKRIBUS platform.

R and DATA ANALYSIS Workshop

R is a software environment for statistical computing and graphics, as well as a programming language. Within the scope of this workshop, an introductory R training, Data Analysis and Introduction to R, Data Cleaning with R, visualization with R ggplot2 and text analysis methods will be held for humanities.

bilgisayar Programlama

PYTHON Workshop

Within the scope of this training, Introduction to programming, Introduction to Python, Basic data types, Flow control mechanism, Loops, Advanced data structures, Functions, Library usage, Pandas library, Fundamentals of data analysis and manipulation, reading data from PDF and Excel etc., restructuring the manipulating data, Web scraping (getting data from websites), Web automations will be held for humanities.

Network Analysis and Gephi Workshop

Social Network analysis identifies and analyses relationships between structures, institutions, or actors. In this workshop, hands-on applications will be made with Gephi using data sets for humanities (especially for historians) and an introduction to the basic elements of social network analysis will be made.

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