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Lecturer: Fatma Aladağ

Lecturer: Fatma Aladağ

Lecturer: Fatma Aladağ

Lecturer: Fatma Aladağ


Digital Humanities and AI:
The Use of GPT in Humanities

This workshop focuses on the potentials of digital humanities, which have become influential in all areas of the humanities and offer new and effective methods for research, and examples of how social scientists and humanities scholars can take advantage of technologies such as GPT and integrate these tools into their work will be demonstrated practically through Ottoman Turkish texts.

Lecturer: Fatma Aladağ

Mapping and Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS

Lecturer: Hatice Korkulu

This is an introductory training workshop where participants can learn the concept of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), map creation methods and spatial analysis. As part of the workshop, the participants will learn how to create, store, visualize, organize and analyze data.


Transkribus Workshop

TRANSKRIBUS is an artificial intelligence-based platform for text recognition, transcription, and the coding of historical documents. The workshop will discuss the potentials and limitations of building a Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) model for Ottoman Turkish, as well as hands-on applications on the TRANSKRIBUS platform.

Lecturer: Elif Derin Can

Data/Text Analysis with Python and GPT

Within the scope of this workshop, introductory-level Python training, Data Analysis, and visualization using GPT will be held for social sciences and humanities.

Lecturer: Arif Yasin Kavdır & Yusuf Akbulut

bilgisayar Programlama

Network Analysis with Gephi 

Social Network analysis identifies and analyses relationships between structures, institutions, or actors. In this workshop, hands-on applications will be made with Gephi using data sets for humanities (especially for historians) and an introduction to the basic elements of social network analysis will be made.

Lecturer: Onur Öner


Digital Humanities Academy Map

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